Last Dream (On Earth) is created by Kai Fischer in a collaboration with sound designer Matt Padden, musicians Tyler Collins from Alaska and Gameli Tordzro from Ghana, as well as actors Michelle Cornelius, Kimisha Lewis and Edward Nkom.

The team for our 2016 tour includes Emma Skaer (stage management), Ritchie Young (sound), Lisa Sangster (costume), Tawona Sithole (outreach workshops), Nicola Hopper (digital marketing) and Liz Smith (publicity).

We have developed the material for Last Dream (On Earth) in workshops and rehersals, with contributions from Lanre Malaolu, Michael John McCarthy, Mercy Ojelade, Adura Onashile, Rosalind Sydney, Allan Tall and Pauline Goldsmith.

Our 2016 tour is produced in association with National Theatre of Scotland and supported by Creative Scotland. Our performances at the Edinburgh Fringe are part of the Made in Scotland Showcase.

The original production of Last Dream (On Earth) premiered in Glasgow in April 2015. It was created in association with Tron Theatre Glasgow as well as National Theatre of Scotland, and with support from Creative Scotland.