The Project

A traveller stands on a beach in Morocco with a group of friends.

Tonight they will try it. Tonight, they are getting ready for a journey to change their lives. Here, we will never know their names.

Decades earlier, a young man is strapped into a tiny sphere. He is ready for his mission: to become the first Human Being in Outer Space. His name, we will soon know, is Yuri Gagarin.

As if out of nowhere, a musical dialogue starts. Words are spoken, and the story of a trip of a lifetime emerges.


Last Dream (On Earth) draws on accounts of those who risk their lives for a distant dream.

Audiences will experience Last Dream (On Earth) on headphones, as it’s immersive world of memories, sounds and music is created and performed live in front of them.





a gorgeous aural tapestry…a gripping unsettling and distinguished shout from the dark.

- The Guardian